FAQs Lash Extensions

Will my natural lashes be damaged?

No :) As long as you don't rub or pull on the extensions your natural lashes will be safe with me!

How long do they last?

2 - 3weeks  (40% extensions on) is recommended before needing a fill. More than 3 weeks can result in a full set! 

How long is the service?

1-2.5 hours depending on the service. Consider this your nap of the day! Please book accordingly, I do not rush through sets

Can I wear makeup?

Of course! Minimal makeup is recommended and needed after extensions are on. if using makeup like eyeliner MUST BE OIL FREE & NOT waterproof. Clean WELL! Clean lashes are healthy and longer lasting lashes!

After Lash lift any makeup is okay!

What if i need them removed?

Please do not remove the extensions your self. Book an appointment for removal service! Its quick and will not damage your natural eyelashes!



  • Avoid any moisture for first 24 hours.
  • Wash daily
  • Brush after wash, waking up, everyday!
  • Do NOT RUB or PULL extensions!


  • Avoid any moisture for first 4 -6 hours